Why we exclude the pesticide sector from our portfolios

The massive use of pesticides has been a worrying problem for many years. These products have raised serious concerns about their impact on human health. At Anaxis, our goal is to act for the environment, biodiversity and health. Our policy is based on a strong commitment and a concrete approach. In particular, it consists of excluding from selection those companies that produce pesticides.

Controversy A/HRC/RES/42/25

Let’s get straight to the facts: official Venezuelan government statistics show that 1,569 people were killed by law enforcement officers between the 1st of January and the 19th of May this year. This figure adds up to a terrible toll: 5,287 people died during police operations in 2018 and 4,998 in 2017.

Protecting marine ecosystems

Anaxis Asset Management has decided to make a strong commitment to the preservation of aquatic environments. The oceans and the ecosystems they support, which are of incomparable wealth, are often neglected by human beings. Therefore, we believe it is necessary to remind investors of the importance of these ecosystems to encourage them to consider the protection of aquatic environments when making their financial choices.