Protecting marine ecosystems

Anaxis Asset Management has decided to make a strong commitment to the preservation of aquatic environments. The oceans and the ecosystems they support, which are of incomparable wealth, are often neglected by human beings. Therefore, we believe it is necessary to remind investors of the importance of these ecosystems to encourage them to consider the protection of aquatic environments when making their financial choices.

Polarstern Mission

The icebreaker Polarstern departed from the Norwegian port of Tromsø on Friday the 20th of September for a new scientific mission around the North Pole. Around 600 experts will take turns on the ship, covering 2,500 kilometres in 390 days.

The invasion of microplastics

A study published during the summer estimates that an American citizen whose diet meets dietary recommendations ingests between 39,000 and 52,000 particles of microplastic each year.